Monday, 6 July 2015

79% off Learn to program in Java course coupon - $10

Provides a very conceptual understanding of the Java Programming Language which will help in your job or job interviews.
Lectures 238

Video 8 Hours

Skill level all level

Languages English

Includes Lifetime access

30 day money back guarantee!

Available on iOS and Android

Certificate of Completion


This course is about learning the java programming language. The instructor, being a programmer himself, gives real life examples and advice on how to write good quality and professional java code. The course is broken down into very short, easy to understand video lectures along with quizzes, exercises and assignments. We will also develop a simple banking application which can be run through the command line, so that whatever we are learning in the course can be put into practice, as we do this small real life banking application project.

You should be able to complete this course from a week to a months time, depending on how much effort you want to put in each day. If you are taking this course along with other activities, I think you should still be able to complete it in a month’s time.

You will get a certificate of completion if you cover over 80% of the course material.

We will start off by downloading and installing the JDK, and then move on to learning simple java constructs. And yes, we use the ECLIPSE IDE for programming, which is free and easy to use.

After completing this course, you will learn about lot of things that are typically asked in programming interviews. The use of graphics and animations in video lectures make sure that you really understand how things work in the java world. That will make you more confident about it, not only in your regular job, but also java interviews. Feel free to contact me for any doubts or otherwise. My priority is just to make sure that you have a WOW experience with this course. Hope you enjoy the course and HAPPY LEARNING.


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79% off Learn to program in Java course coupon - $10

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