Monday, 27 March 2017

Free Ethical hacking from beginners to advance level (2017) course

Become expert in hacking.


Students will be able to appear in various certified ethical hacking exams.

Will be able to start their own cyber security advising company.

If you are passionate about learning hacking but you have  no idea where to start then this course is for you. It does not matter  if you are absolute beginner or intermediate because I will start with very basics and if you are intermediate then you also can join this course because this course contains lot of practical experiments. This course demands one thing i.e. hard work. You have to perform various practical experiments on your Computer.

In whole course we will use two operating systems.


2.Kali linux

I know you are familiar with windows O.S.  If you are beginner then its important to learn hacking by windows first because it will make you understand the basic terms used in hacking. Below are some of the topics which we will cover by using windows-:





•Windows hacking

•USB password stealer

•Zip bomb



•Social media hacking



Then you will become intermediate in hacking and now you have idea of what is hacking? Next we will move to next operating system i.e. Kali linux. As a cyber security expert you should have complete knowledge of every operating system and as a hacker you will be using kali linux instead of windows because kali is open source operating system . So we will use kali linux to perform practical hacking experiments as give here-:


•Google hacking

•Phising attack



•Social engineering

•Installing backdoors in victim’s pc

•Control victim’s pc

•Wi-Fi hacking

•Social media hacking

•Mass Emailer

•Sql injection

•Password cracking

These are just few of our topics I will be adding new lectures every month. If you are curious about anything then you can ask me anytime.

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Short Biography of Instructor:

I fell in love with computers when I was in 2nd standard . I like to do work for my own and i don’t want to do job. I just follows my passion. Learning and teaching  is my passion and i can say very proudly that i’m great learner. I always try to learn new things from heart. Because if you learn from heart, it stays with you forever. I wanted to join udemy earlier but could not because I was busy in developing apps & programs. So I joined udemy in 2017 .Some of my skills are as below-:

I have made many android applications but hacking is my love. My skills are java,windows command line,kali linux ,android application development, ios development , php , mysql , web designing , python etc…

In my ethical hacking course you can learn how hackers hack web cams, wifi , websites , social media accounts and many more techniques. I promise you that you will never get bored because i will show you some interesting useful hacking techniques which you can try with your friends.

For any query don’t hesitate to contact me on private message section  because for a instructor audience is everything.

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Ethical hacking from beginners to advance level (2017)
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Free Ethical hacking from beginners to advance level (2017) course

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