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$195 Super Human Productivity: Become Ultra Productive course

300 Page Course Book, More Than 70 HD Lectures, Free Biohacking Advice & 24/7 Free Support


Understand how physical exercise can influence your morning schedule and will learn how to use exercise as a measure for stress relief

Understand the concept of superhuman productivity and know through step by step guides how to become ultra productive

Cook meals that will boost your mental capacity and speed as well as better your overall well-being

Learn how meditation can help you to become more relaxed but overall more productive and internally balanced while you work

Use Slack, Asana & Microsoft OneNote To Organize You and Your Team

Have confidence in yourself and stick to your own habits and rules every single day

Use Yast, Toggl & RescueTime To Increase Your Overall Daily Output

Use Momentum To Clear Your Focus It & Concentrate It On The Things That Matter To You

Learn how journals can help you to increase interest in the task you have to do and how to simply get more done in the morning

Know how to save time in business (for instance in meetings, talks and when doing your paper work) through automated software and office hacks

Know how to use the prodomo technique to never feel tired after work again

How to increase your productivity level naturally by assessing dieting problems, mindset problems and motivational problems

Be 20x more productive and get tasks more done by using productivity hacks and tools

Set deadlines effectively and learn how to stick to them no matter what

Start the morning properly (based on your personality type and physical state) and become ultra productive from the second you wake up on

Understand which measures to take in order to become happier and more relaxed throughout the day

Streamline their wardrobe and save a half an hour of time every single morning

How to set short, middle and long-term goals that consists of smaller steps and are thus quite easy to reach

Use Evernote To Save Notes & Come Up With Great New Ideas

Create clear thought-out plans for the day focussing on every aspect of life for you to execute on!

Know how to apply the (10+2)*5 rule to do tasks 10x more quickly

Understand how to pay bills automatically by using Mint Software

Wake up earlier and use the morning hours effectively every day

Measure your own productivity and assess problems associated with it properly within 24 hours

Use Trackr in Order to Track Your Overall Web Activity


In this course, you will learn how to develop a level of superhuman productivity+ you will receive a FREE 300 pages course book! I taught this course to students from all over the world (China, USA, Poland, Italy, Austria, Germany). For you, I broke down the information down into an easy-to-understand lecture format! With this course, you will get access to the mind of ultra productive people like Dustin Moskovitz (Founder of Facebook) and will learn how to increase your productivity massively!

In this course we will focus on the following topics:



3. EVERY DAY PRODUCTIVITY HACKS: In this part of the course, I will introduce dozens of every-day productivity hacks to you that will help you to become ultra productive. These hacks include:

4. MORNING ROUTINE: We will base your morning routine on your physical and psychological state and help you with proven scientific research to develop and use morning routine modules.

In this chapter, I will give you modules that you can use in order to build your own super efficient morning routine:


“What an incredible course! I already loved the promo video but the content in the course was simply incredible. I didn’t expect so much depth! Learned a lot! Amazing instructor, great lectures, thumbs up and definitely worth 5 stars!”

– (Jana Z., Perth, Australia)

“I LOVE THIS COURSE! This course was fun to watch and incredibly informative! Leon put a masterpiece together here. I want to recommend this course to anyone who cares about their productivity and wants to improve it!”

– (Laura A., FL, USA)

“What a treat to finally find a Udemy instructor that teaches what he promised. Leon is definitely one of the best teachers on Udemy. Big heart, big mind! 5 stars guaranteed!”

(Tony H., FL, USA)

This course comes with free 24/7 mentoring, a course book and life-long access. Taking this course is completely risk free. My promise: If you do not like the course, you will get your money back!

ENROLL NOW! I can’t wait to finally get to meet you!

Course Published  By Leon Chaudhari (Average rating- 4.6/5, Total Ratings- 207 )

Short Biography of Instructor:

I build my FIRST 7-figure business at age 18, and am currently in the process of building my SECOND 7-figure business at age 19, called Teaching Hero!

At age 17, I got my PhD offered (declined it) for my work on human hair and skin cancer (basalioma and spinalioma in particular). In 2014, I also received the Special Scientific Award from the Max Planck Society, awards from the Helmholtz Association and Martin Luther Foundation, and appeared on national television in the United States, Poland, China, and Germany since then.


Teaching Hero is the #1 international teaching agency for talented educators. The company was founded in October 2016 and is based in Berlin, Germany. The company has been scaled quickly and now sells, creates, and translated (online) education in 120 countries worldwide and has over 7000 students.

Apart from creating online education, Teaching Hero also offers professional mentoring, a 135.000+ people advertising network, translation to 15+ languages, design and filming support for companies and individuals, SEO for education products & online platforms, and web solutions for online educators and EdTech companies.


“I’m impressed! This course is really great! This guy gives me the chance and the motivation for me, that I can find out, what I really want to achieve for my life! I’m just a young student, but I feel way more confident thanks to this course and also the personal support via message from Leon! Thanks for spreading the word Leon, so that everyone feels far better in personal and career achievements and also in committing to our future! I would highly recommend you this course!”

– (David W., New York City, USA) about my “Success Masterclass – Become Successful At Anything Quickly”

“Leon’s course is amazing. I have been looking for this “EXACT” course for awhile now and am glad I found it here. Easy to follow teaching style and very knowledgeable in the subject of Start Up that I can’t wait to check out his other courses.”

( – Ben R., USA) about my “Startup Masterclass – The Ultimate Guide For Young Startups”

> FREE support 365 days a year.

Ask me anything you like. I will be your PRIVATE MENTOR!

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$195 Super Human Productivity: Become Ultra Productive course

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