Monday, 27 March 2017

$10 Laughter Yoga: Experience joy, happiness and health benefits course

Yoga of Laughter, special Yoga, get happiness, more relaxed, and do something for your health through laughing


Know about the mulitple benefit of laughter yoga for body and soul.

Know how laughter yoga works.

Know how to do laughter yoga!

Have been trying laughter yoga!

Have been laughing!

Updated 03/2017, Thank you for more than 1000 students.

Laughing is healthy! It makes us happy, relaxed and reduces stress!

Laughter Yoga can get us there!

How often you laugh normally? Mostly too little, is that truth?

In that way how our daily life is going on its normal. Our world is full of rush.

Lots of problems can be in the way of coming into the mood for laughing.

The truth is: the less we laugh the harder it becomes.

Laughter Yoga can provide an easy way to become laughing.

In the beginning it’s a real new world, and it takes a bit to get into it. But after a while you can really have fun!

I did work as a laughter yoga instructor for one and a half year. And I want to really make this course a good experience to you. Therefore I will explain the basics to you. And in the second part we can start directly to do the laughing exercises. We do the exercises together, if you like, and you can directly benefit from laughter yoga!

One thing is to be mentioned before: Laughter Yoga does not provide jokes or a comedic performance.

In this couse:

Experience a short way to happiness and joy.

See you in the course!

Course Published  By Matthias Würzburg (Average rating- 4.3/5, Total Ratings- 33 )

Short Biography of Instructor:

Matthias is working successfully as engineer with high degree of responsibility. Furthermore he has been teaching students at Technical University and supported dozens of students from school and university in private lessons. In addition he worked as a laughter yoga instructor.

His passion is searching for ways to increase the joy of life. This is a challenge regarding his career as engineer. He considers serenity and keeping calm as an important part of a happy and joyful life, which everybody deserves. His purpose is to help others to increase their quality of life.


Matthias arbeitet über 10 Jahre erfolgreich als Ingenieur mit hohem Verantwortungsbereich, er unterrichtete Studenten an der Hochschule, und unterstützte schon dutzenden Schülern und Studenten mit 


Seine Leidenschaft ist die Suche nach Wegen das Leben weitestgehend zu genießen. Das stellt Ihn bei seinem Ingenieurberuf auf die Probe. Gelassenheit sieht er als wichtigen Teil eines glücklichen und lebenswerten Lebens, das jeder von uns verdient. Er brennt dafür Wissen zu vermitteln, und anderen nachhaltig dabei zu helfen ihre Lebensqualität zu verbessern.

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Laughter Yoga: Experience joy, happiness and health benefits
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$10 Laughter Yoga: Experience joy, happiness and health benefits course

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