Monday, 27 March 2017

$10 MBA Admissions Strategy: A step by step guide for success course

Everything you want to know about MBA Admission Process


The requirements of the admission committee

How to craft a successful essay?

How to educate your recommender?

Situations that require an optional essay?

Crafting a resume and peparing for the interview


This course provides a complete overview on the most ideal approach to get into business schools, Coming from the experts of Coll mission, this course, allows you to learn everything that you have to know in order to get into a top MBA program, it includes the answers to your questions, like:

Course Published  By Collmission Learning Venture (Average rating- 4.2/5, Total Ratings- 50 )

Short Biography of Instructor:

I have been working in the field of data science from the past 10 years after pursuing my engineering. I founded collmission in the year 2015 as  a motto for providing best services in the e-learning domain and educating the people.

If your career is a question, Collmission is the answer. With its roots in US,It is a union of a proven American education consultancy and a highly rated, job oriented e-learning services provider. We provide extensive application planning, academic and program guidance for students worldwide who wish to pursue education in the Top 50 US colleges in Engineering, Management and PhD.

Our team comprises of US based and South Asian education experts who have guided thousands of students to breach the admission committee firewalls of Top US universities. The company also provides an exciting platform, specially for the NON-IT background professionals, who wish to upgrade their skills particularly in the field of Python, Scala & Machine Learning in order to beat the competition in this technology war.

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MBA Admissions Strategy: A step by step guide for success
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$10 MBA Admissions Strategy: A step by step guide for success course

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