Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Free How To Write Like Malcolm Gladwell Series Vol 2.0 course

The most comprehensive guide to revealing Gladwellian patterns of describing people, wrtiing introductions + using facts


Write an introduction like Malcolm Gladwell

Describe a person like Malcolm Gladwell

Use statistics and facts like Malcolm Gladwell

Write more persuasively

Identify Gladwellian patterns of writing

Have a deeper understanding of why and how Gladwell writes the way that he does

Write a more compelling story

Understand the fundamental things that make Gladwell a great author

Welcome to the second course in my How to write like Malcolm Gladwell series.

Fewer than 1% of authors are published each year.

Agent receive thousands of proposals annually from writers and authors eager to make it to the New York Times bestseller list.

This course will take you thru the a b c’s of what patterns are behind Gladwell’s writing and what makes it so compelling.

This course goes into depth on:

Whether it’s Blink, the Tipping Point, or Outliers, we all know of a Gladwell book that has moved us and made us think differently.

In this course we break down Gladwell’s writing and pick apart the writing style of one of the greatest authors of this century.

Course Published  By Martin Kenny (Average rating- 4.3/5, Total Ratings- 46 )

Short Biography of Instructor:

Martin Kenny is the author of “Malibu Code: Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript,” a book that teaches the fundamentals of web design and interactive website programming through the metaphor of surfing. The original phrase, “surfing the web” comes from surfing, and yet no other web design or programming courses explore the power of the surfing metaphor beyond this common phrase.

In Martin’s courses you will learn coding skills faster by building on top of ideas you already understand, instead of learning things from scratch. Much like surfing, many people give up on trying to learn how to code after their first few experiences with failure. Martin’s courses are different because they explain everything in simple English and don’t assume that you know anything about computers or programming or have any prior experience.

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How To Write Like Malcolm Gladwell Series Vol 2.0
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Free How To Write Like Malcolm Gladwell Series Vol 2.0 course

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