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Free Simple Video Marketing Formula course

Get loads of video views, grow a list of fans, sell to that list and become an authority in your field.


The 3 simple elements necessary to create videos that get a lot of views.

Understand effective ways to engage your customers using video.

How to develop a unique video personality.

How to build a highly targeted list of fans.

How to set up a simple video production studio.

The secret to video production.

Over 2700 student enrollments!

Updated March 20, 2017

What the students are saying:

Very clear, concise and easy to understand. Dr. Moore speaks to the individual watching in a way that makes you feel she is in the room with you walking you through the steps. (In a way she is right there with you). I would recommend this course to several of my entrepreneur colleagues. Cindy Green

Powerful, clear concepts presented in a compelling fashion. Great stuff. Yoshi Maeshiro

Her wow factor has hooked me. Clear clean and visually pleasing. Denise Orr


Hi I’m Paula Moore the Posture Doctor and creator of the Simple Video Marketing Formula. I wanted to make this free video workshop series to talk about you and your business and to help you show up powerfully on video, so you learn how to turn online viewers into paying fans!

So how did a Posture Doctor get millions of online video views? After years of headaches I became a doctor of Chiropractic and began creating videos for my patients. Never did I imagine those posture videos would receive such an online buzz with over 1 million views in the first 12 months and many millions more, to date. I sold my practice, wrote a best-selling book, shared my story on the BBC and Breakfast Television and eventually won Business Profile of the Year, 2012. I went online full-time and I’ve never looked back.

I designed this workshop series for anyone seeking to create a powerful video marketing campaign to highlight a particular product or service. By the end of this series you’ll have many of the tools you need to create a persuasive video marketing campaign that helps you build a highly qualified list, and ultimately drives sales.

I’ll be using a simple 3-step formula that’s been so consistent

helping me obtain sales conversion rates as high as 26%. This simple formula is

great for energizing current projects, launching a brand new product or

service, or simply testing the waters. Not only will I cover a good portion of

my full-day video marketing workshop, but I’ll be practicing the exercises

along with you, using real life examples.

This workshop series is primarily for entrepreneurs who already use video. Their business is often doing OK but they know they’re falling well short of their potential. There are no requirements to enroll. My only request is that you watch actively and do the work and have this be the one workshop that really makes a difference in your business and life.

So what does a successful video marketing campaign look like for you? I invite you to share your thoughts throughout this workshop series. Thank you and I really look forward to seeing you inside the course.


Course Published  By Dr Paula Moore (Average rating- 4.6/5, Total Ratings- 368 )

Short Biography of Instructor:

I Fell In Love With Posture

I’ve been teaching Udemy courses since September 2014, and in that short period of time, I’ve created 8 courses, thousands of happy students have enrolled, with hundreds of 5* reviews – smiling!

People often ask me why I left a successful chiropractic career, and I tell them that I was frustrated by the quick fix approach to health I found in private practice. I wanted to hand back control, and that is exactly what I did. I took my posture tips and health advice online and began making posture videos. Never did I imagine my posture videos would go viral, and receive millions of views – but they did!

I fell in love with posture and now, I’m a full-time online Posture Doctor!

Best Selling Author

Paula is the best-selling author of The Posture Doctor and creator of a popular video blog on posture; and with over 7 million Youtube views, she is fast becoming the next big thing in online digital healthcare. Paula is a very popular keynote speaker who presents, Talks That Move You and has received international attention with interviews by the BBC and Breakfast Television, and is the 2012 winner of The Business Profile of the Year – London, UK.

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Free Simple Video Marketing Formula course

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