Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Free 6 Steps to Developing Confident Athletes course

Learn 6 basic sport psychology steps to help you to increase the confidence of your players and athletes


You will learn how to apply basic sport psychology principles to your coaching

Understand key psychological principles needed to increase athletes confidence

Use goal setting to improve your own and others performance

Understand how imagery and pre performance routines can influence confidence

This course is all about developing confident and successful athletes. It includes a 6 step guide to helping coaches improve their players performance. This course has been developed for coaches of all ages and from all backgrounds. The course includes over 3 hours of content which is delivered through powerpoint presentations. It is split up into 6 sections which include basic psychological principles to help coaches to increase their players confidence. Topics included within this course are:

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Short Biography of Instructor:

BelievePerform is dedicated to increasing the awareness of sport and exercise psychology among the sport community. We offer high quality online courses which are developed to help coaches, athletes, students, teachers and parents to improve their psychological performance.

Courses will look at a range of topics that offer applied advice to help you to improve your performance on and off the field.

In November 2016, BelievePerform joined forces with The Performance Room and together they are on a mission to help the world think, prepare and perform like elite athletes.


The courses which we have developed will provide you with sport psychology advice, knowledge and tips. Our courses are a minimum of 2 hours long and a maximum of 6 hours. The courses are delivered via powerpoint with high quality audio and can include PDF booklets to work through. Join us on this exciting journey to improve your knowledge within the psychology of sport!

Paul is a Chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologist with the British Psychological Society, a Registered Practitioner Psychologist with the Health and Care Professions Council, an Accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist (Psychology) with the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences and a Chartered Scientist.

Paul started his career has a Physical Education teacher and has been a Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology at a UK university for over 15 years.

As a practitioner Paul has consulted for the English Institute of Sport preparing GB athletes and GB Teams for Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth Championships. Paul worked as a Sports Psychologist with athletes and National Governing Bodies from 7 Olympic sports.

Paul has also worked extensively in Premiership football (soccer), professional boxing, First Class cricket, Super League (Rugby Union), and Premiership Rugby Union.

Believe Perform

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6 Steps to Developing Confident Athletes
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Free 6 Steps to Developing Confident Athletes course

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