Monday, 27 March 2017

Free Xamarin Native iOS Memory Game C# course

Programming Native iOS Programming with Xamarin and C#


General understanding of Xamarin iOS Native application development

General understanding of C# programming for iOS Native Development

In this series, we will develop a memory puzzle game for iOS using Xamarin and C#. During the process, we will try to use as much as possible of the structures and development procedure of C# as opposed to Objective-C or swift.

Xamarin is a mobile app development and code translator for developing iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Mac applications. Its C# interface allows for many developers to be able to develop their applications for various interfaces. In this tutorial however, we will learn developing iOS Native apps as opposed to a Xamarin forms app.

I have also included all the assets as well as my own working project at the end of each lesson. Please let me know if you ran into any issues and I will try and help you.

Amir J

Course Published  By Amir J. (Average rating- 4.7/5, Total Ratings- 10 )

Short Biography of Instructor:

I am currently Senior Instructor at Cinard. Before taking up this job and moving to beautiful Vancouver, for over a decade I was senior lecturer of apps / games programming in various colleges and universities.

I work primarily in native iOS and Android apps and Video games in Unity3D.

Cinard is a Digital Media Art & Technology Institute.

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Xamarin Native iOS Memory Game C#
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Free Xamarin Native iOS Memory Game C# course

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