Monday, 27 March 2017

Free Unity 5.5: develop and publish games quickly course

Learn all the basics of 2D game development with Unity in 1 hour.


Students will be able to create and publish their own games to the market.

Understand how game development works.

Use Unity more effectively.

Have confidence in their Unity and C# skills.

Solve problems quicker and more creatively.

Ever wanted to make games but felt overwhelmed by all the tools and features available to you?

With this course you will learn all the basics needed to start making commercial games in Unity 5.5 with C#. No previous programming knowledge is required.

We will focus on teaching you how to use various tools and techniques to speed up your game development.

You will be able to program character and enemy AI from scratch, even if you’ve never had experience with coding before.

This course will help you get started with your game development career, with the support of our instructor, there won’t be a thing you won’t understand.

Course Published  By Dragan Neskovic (Average rating- 4.5/5, Total Ratings- 0 )

Short Biography of Instructor:

Hello everyone, I’m Dragan.

Since I was a kid I dreamed about creation, about making something happen, making something alive and remarkable, something that will last forever.

As video games were my biggest passion, inspired by incredible physics and graphics back then, I started creating my own. Through my life I worked with many studios, as a freelancer and group leader, and also as both programmer and game designer.

During my game development timetable I worked in Unreal Engine, Game Maker and Unity 3D. Currently, I primarily use Unity 3D as it suits me the best if I could choose. As I’ve already been through a lot during my game development experience, I’m ready and glad to share my knowledge with others, so that is where I decided to make courses.

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Unity 5.5: develop and publish games quickly
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Free Unity 5.5: develop and publish games quickly course

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