Thursday, 6 April 2017

Free Drawing Textures and Contrast with Pen and Inks - Part 2 course

Sketching through pen and inks what this medium is best for … contrast and textures!


Learn how to use contrast effectively in pen and ink sketching

How to draw stone and brick walls with great textures using pens and inks

How to draw wood texture using pens and inks

How to draw roof tiles with patterns and details using pens and inks

Who is this course for?

– Are you a beginner who is intimidated by the mere thought of sketching? – This course is for you

– Are you a hobby artist looking for a great way to create mind boggling sketches? – This course is for you

– Are you a pro artist looking to add a fantastic tool to your arsenal? – This course is for you

What do you need to start this course?

– Loads of enthusiasm!

– A pen (any color, any make, any type)

– A paper

– Some basics in Pen and Ink sketching (Refer to my course “Introduction to Pen and Ink Sketching” for details)

What will you learn?

– To sketch stone and brick walls using pens and inks, rendering excellent textures.

– To sketch wood texture

– To draw roof tiles with patterns and details.

Of course, real learning happens from doing, So you will also do some hands-on sketching step by step through fun and exciting exercises for each of the above.

Before you begin …

Pen and inks is a medium born for contrast and texture effect. Let’s set off on this amazing journey to create magical sketches through this medium,

Course Published  By Shirish Deshpande (Average rating- 4.7/5, Total Ratings- 6 )

Short Biography of Instructor:

Shirish is a self taught artist based in a very populous city called Pune, in a very populous country called India.

Shirish works in the thriving Indian software industry since nearly two decades. But his art is his main passion (apart from family, books, movies, adventure sports and video games, not necessarily in that order).

Shirish is actively involved in fine arts, graphic novels, animated graphic novels, and short film making, He woks in several media like pen & inks, watercolors, oil colors, acrylics and digital painting. He paints various themes like landscapes, figures and urban sketches. He is an active member of the Urban Sketchers community.

Shirish regularly conducts workshops for sketching, and has participated in several exhibitions since 2016. His sketches and paintings are present in private collection in India as well as in other countries.

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Drawing Textures and Contrast with Pen and Inks – Part 2
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Free Drawing Textures and Contrast with Pen and Inks - Part 2 course

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