Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Free An Investor Going Global course

Exploring the international Real Estate Market


Have a basic understanding of real estate markets from all over the world

Know exciting new strategies that can be implemented into their own markets

Know who to connect up with when moving into a new market

Welcome to an investor going global. When I started out to invest internationally it felt like I had to relearn a bunch of things. I had to figure out what the similarities and differences between the markets I was looking at were, who I should be connecting with and what laws to take into account. Let’s just say all of this took a fair bit of effort.

That’s why I’ve decided to create this resource for you. To enable you to have a look at different markets around the world, find the people who you should connect up with and learn from those who’ve already explored the markets in a variety of countries.

This resource consists of the recordings of interviews I’ve done with people from all over the world, organised by country or region. I hope this helps you whilst exploring the international real estate market.

Course Published  By Kyron Gosse (Average rating- 4.7/5, Total Ratings- 89 )

Short Biography of Instructor:

Kyron is a successful property investor and educator playing in the global market. He has won awards for his investing and has been featured regularly in the media for his opinion on the market and investing strategies. Kyron operates under the brand “The Freedom Investor” with the motto Create Freedom, Build Wealth, Do Awesome, as Kyron has been able to build up a strong property investment business, that pays him to live and play anywhere in the world.

Kyron now helps other people build their portfolios by working as a strategy analyst helping new investors into the market as well as a mentor showing people how to achieve their freedom by investing in property as well.

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Free An Investor Going Global course

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