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100% off Self Defense Mindset - A Non Fighter"s Guide to Self Defense course coupon

A Beginner’s Guide To Self-Defense – Discover how your Brain and Awareness are your best weapons, Learn to use them here
The basic principles of environmental awareness and strategic tactical personal space management

You will learn peaceful negotiation and de-escalation tactics so as to avoid conflict entirely when possible

You will learn how to be aware of and use your surroundings to your tactical advantage in a self-defense confrontation scenario

You will learn the five most effective self-defense techniques that will allow you to cause maximum pain and compliance with minimal physical effort

You will learn how to moderate the force of your attack and only apply as much force as necessary to defend yourself

You will learn the difference between a fight and a legitimate self-defense scenario

You will learn to dispel the myths and misconceptions of self-defense

You will learn the proper legal procedures to follow after a self-defense scenario has occurred, as well as your legal rights as a citizen

LATEST: Course Updated Again for Feb 2017

Achieve a Better and Safer Quality Of Life With More Freedom and Confidence Even If You Have No Formal Training You Can Discover The Most Effective Ways Of Defending Yourself!

You don’t need to be Bruce Lee to defend yourself successfully

The world has become an increasingly hostile place. It seems like every time you open a newspaper or turn on the news or surf the web you end up reading an article about someone being attacked. Walking to the car after a hard day’s work or coming home from school or simply all out for an evening stroll on a warm summer’s night, and then you think to yourself, would I know what to do if I was attacked; I wonder how I would respond? Well, you don’t want to wait until you are in a real-world situation with no self-defense training under your belt to find out!!

Self-Defense Mindset – A non Fighter’s Guide to Self Defense

Feeling vulnerable and unprotected can cause undue stress because you may worry and feel nervous at the thought of going out alone. It doesn’t matter if it’s going to the store or out to a movie, if you avoid doing certain things or going certain places because of these feelings of helplessness, you limit your quality of life.

That isn’t right.

All of us deserve to feel confident and safe in order to enjoy life – to travel further from home and to move about our daily lives with more freedom and awareness as well as less stress.

Click the “Take This Course” button, on the top right because every hour you delay is costing you money…Scroll up and Enroll Now!

All future updates to this course are free – you are “locked-in” at the current low price of $197 – but you will never pay more if you enroll today at the introductory low price.

What you’ll Learn in This Course:

What My Students Are Saying:

“Effective techniques presented in an easy to understand manner I decided to take this self defense course because I feel more comfortable knowing that I can look after myself in most situations. The moves presented here are quite easy to understand and remember. Not only I learned to effective self defense techniques, but there is also some good advice on how to deal with dangerous situations in general. Although I hope I will never need to use what I learned from this course I feel much more at peace and confident now.” LC

“Very good course for men and women There’s so much crime in the world today. What will you do the next time someone attempts to rob you? I thought about this same thing on several occasions. This course was helpful. It showed me how to try to avoid having to fight, but it also showed me ways to defend myself if I have no other choice. This course is highly recommended for men and women.” HK

” Positive and encouraging This course caters to both genders which is presented unbiased with factual data. Instead of making the course generalized for both, it separates into (2) separate merged lessons. Use of visual imagery as form of a demo followed by audio and text really enhance the learning environment. It touches on the main techniques that are minimal in complexity; increasing chances of a successful strike. I love the message that is stressed through the entire course. It does not promote violence, but stresses self-defense when all options have been exhausted. From hands on techniques to verbal communication for de-escalation are covered here. All is concise and well presented in an organized fashion. Extremely informative and provides direction to additional sources for those who would like more information. This course is presented in a serious but comfortable manner that does not dissuade others from continuing the course. I found this to be extremely helpful overall.” CM

And there’s a 30 day absolutely no questions asked full money back guarantee – my personal promise of your happiness and satisfaction! You really cannot lose!

Every minute you delay is actually jeopardizing your Ability to protect you and

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Self Defense Mindset – A Non Fighter’s Guide to Self Defense
Self Defense Mindset – A Non Fighter’s Guide to Self Defense course coupon
Self Defense Mindset – A Non Fighter’s Guide to Self Defense coupon
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100% off Self Defense Mindset - A Non Fighter"s Guide to Self Defense course coupon

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