Friday, 7 April 2017

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In Calculus, you’ll still be doing all those typical word problems with ships and planes. The big difference is that the things in Calculus MOVE!  Calculus gives you tools to find “rates of change.”  You’ll be able to figure out how fast a boat is pulling away from a dock or how fast water is draining out of a tub.  Lots of these problems will have geometry set ups.

In this course you will learn

Basic Formulas to Know

Horizontal and Vertical Lines Review

Increasing and Decreasing of Functions Review

Logarithms Maximums and Minimums: Finding Relative Extrema

More On Sideways Parabolas

Piecewise Functions

Review Slopes of Lines

The Difference Quotient Review

The Unit Circle Equations of Lines

The Pythagorean Identities Advanced Composition of Functions

Other Identities to Know

Freaky Factoring

Solving Trig Equations

Tangent Lines

Graphs to Know and Love Shifting, Reflecting, Etc.

Absolute Values


More on Tangent Lines

Tail Behavior

Intro to Rational Functions

Rational Functions – Intercepts

Rational Functions – Vertical Asymptotes

Rational Functions – Horizontal Asymptotes (and Slants)

Rational Functions – The Whole Thing Rational Functions – Increasing and Decreasing Revisited Rational Functions –

More on Limits Exponentials and Logarithms

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