Thursday, 6 April 2017

100% off Accounting Is Easy (for Beginners) course coupon

Learn fundamentals of accounting from Chartered Accountant
By the end of this course, students will be able to understand

Final Accounts

Accounts from Incomplete Records

Depreciation Accounting

Ratio Analysis

About this Course:

This Course is for Students who wants to learn Fundamentals of Accountancy. It is also useful for students pursuing Higher Secondary (Second Year). This course covers all the chapters on Fundamentals of Accountancy so students can use this course as a foundation for taking up Accountancy in Graduation and Professional Courses like CA / CMA / CS.

Materials used in this Course:

Study materials published by various Government Bodies for the benefits of students to understand Fundamentals of Accountancy.

Course Duration:

It would take 1 year to complete this course.

Course Structure:

This course is structured in Self Pace Learning style. i.e., Students can access recorded videos of Chapters, Specific Topics, Problems, Past Exam Questions, etc.

Why take this course:

a) To lay strong foundation on Fundamentals of Accountancy.

b) To equip for examinations.

c) To equip for Graduation Professional Courses.

Mandatory Disclosure regarding course contents:

The contents available in this course are also available in the following courses namely

If you have purchased any of the above two courses, then you need not purchase this course.

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Accounting Is Easy (for Beginners)
Accounting Is Easy (for Beginners) course coupon
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100% off Accounting Is Easy (for Beginners) course coupon

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