Friday, 7 April 2017

Free Mental Maths Whiz course

Mathematical Brain Training


Quickly then Mentally square any number

Quickly then Mentally square root any perfect square

Quickly then Mentally multiply two digit x two digit number

Quickly then Mentally multiply three digit x two digit number

Quickly then Mentally multiply three digit x three digit number

Mentally add any large numbers quickly

Mentally subtract any large numbers quickly

Use the split strategy to add and subtract large numbers mentally

Use the jump strategy to add and subtract large numbers mentally

Use the compensation strategy to add and subtract large numbers mentally

By the end of this course and after taking the speed tests, you should be able to make any of the calculations in this course mentally and super fast!

Have you always wanted to make calculations in your head really fast without having to reach for a calculator ? Do you brain freeze and feel frustrated when you see a calculation with larger numbers but you really want to answer it mentally? Do you want to learn the secrets and strategies to make any calculation really quickly mentally? Then this course has been designed just for you.

Mental Maths Whiz is for anyone wanting to master mental mathematics and learn all the secret tips, tricks and strategies to add, subtract, multiply, divide, square and square root, super fast and with ease!

By the end of this course you will be feeling confident to use your brain instead of your calculator to make any type of calculation. Mental Maths is something that anyone can learn. The strategies that you need to compute are often not taught in school and the ones that are taught in early years are very easily forgotten in later years.

The benefits of taking Mental Maths Whiz is a feeling of confidence and intelligence. You’ll also be connecting neural pathways for mental fitness and neuroplasticity.

In this course you’ll learn the three main addition and subtraction strategies- the jump, split and compensation strategy. You’ll also learn how to multiply, square and square root large numbers in a really quick and simple way with some terrific tricks. At the end of each video, take the test yourself quiz, to improve and cement your abilities for each strategy, one at a time.

You can learn anything, even mental maths! See you back here for lesson 1.

Course Published  By Lisa Nowosad (Average rating- 4.5/5, Total Ratings- 1 )

Short Biography of Instructor:

Thank you for joining me in your quest to become a maths whiz. I am a college maths teacher and maths tutor with more than 10 years teaching and tutoring experience. I specialise in secondary mathematics for students who are in their final year of high school.

I have a Bachelor Degree in Advanced Science. I also have Educational Technology experience for a leading education company in Australia, developing maths programs, content, games and videos for high schools. I love to teach maths in a more engaging way to show my students the connection between everyday life and mathematics.

For the past two years I have been creating hundreds of videos to help my students learn maths in a very concise way. I’m ready to pass on my pearls of wisdom to any student who wants to improve and even master maths. There is a maths whiz in every student and I promise to help you get there!

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Free Mental Maths Whiz course

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