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Free Android App Development for beginners course

An exclusive 43 videos detailed tutorial.


Android App development is a beginner course for all those students who already have some prior coding experience in core Java or any other programming language. If you are new to programming, then this course will not be suitable for you! You should at least possess some basic programming knowledge like what are variables, or classes or objects.

This course focuses on two basic fundamental ideas:

There is a practical part of developing an app which we will be doing along side our theory section. The reason being, by applying all the concepts, you just learned, in a project, your ‘real time’ understanding of the subject will be developed at at an exceptional rate. Moreover, you yourself will find that you are enjoying android very much.

At last, I guarantee you that after completing this course (sincerely), you will be having a very strong core knowledge of Android development and its architecture. You will feel that confidence of tackling any question in android with ease.

Waiting to see you soon…

Course Published  By Er. Simarpreet Singh

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Short Biography of Instructor:

Till the 1st year of my college I was totally unaware of what computer actually is! Yes, it’s true. Actually the major reason was I never took any computer related course in my school. I wanted to be a cricket player. But in a country like India, where Cricket is a religion, it was quite tough for me to manage my future in cricket.

I decided to do engineering. So I appeared for various engineering exams and at last got a seat in one of the best engineering institute of the country. But still there was a problem! I got the seat in Computer Science department!! Hell ya.

Luckily I got a very encouraging and inspiring professor who used to teach C++ to us. At first, I used to hate coding like anything. But slowly and steadily I started to like the subject. “Everything in this universe is programmed”, this line by my professor changed my mentality towards programming. I understood the importance of coding, not for passing exams, but for the development of society, by creating various technologies in the society to uplift a common man’s life.

I fall in love with the programming and started nourishing my career as a developer.

Currently, I’m working as a software engineer in a very reputed MNC of France. But there was always a zeal of teaching what I have learned to others. So I joined Udemy with my friend Travis as  co instructor to fulfill my this passion also. I have created the entire content for this course whereas Travis have given his voice for the course, since he got a very pleasing voice( he think so!). Hope I get a great support here…

Hello, myself Travis. I’m from London. I’m an instructor here along with Simarpreet Singh with course Android app development for beginners.

Er. Simarpreet Singh

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Free Android App Development for beginners course

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