Friday, 7 April 2017

Free Coach (or Hack!) Your Own Career: Career Change, Development course

Career Change and Career Development Tips & Advice Aimed at Success; Money; Status and Meaning. From CV to the Interview


make smart decisions about your career for immediate and future results.

get hired faster to the job you desire (if you do the work!).

earn more, get promoted faster, have a better status.

This course is about 10 Years Worth of Career Advice in under 1.5 Hours!

If you are searching for quality guidance on Career Change or Career Development, you’ve come to the right place. Now, you have to Coach Your Own Career.

This is going to be a dense, beneficial, fast-paced 90 minutes of learning experience for you. Get ready.

From CV and resume drafting to writing a cover letter, from preparing for an interview to creating the best impression when face to face; from uncovering your strongest story to following up after an interview, all you need is here.

Understand the business world, set the right goals, build the right skills, show yourself in the best possible light and get hired!

Remember, an average employee today changes 14 to 15 jobs during his/her career. So any investment you make in getting better at career decisions, is a smart investment. In fact, it is the best investment and professional improvement decision you will ever make in your life.

The Course consists of 5 main lectures, each one more valuable than the other.

The central aim of this course is to shrink down 10 years of experience and hundred-thousand dollars worth of advice in just under 1,5 hours.

You’ll also get tailored links, sources and documents I have created just for you and this course. They will reshape how you look at your own career decision-making process.

I worked hard to make this course, hope you reap the benefits and see direct positive results in your immediate and coming career decisions.

Cheers. See you inside.


Course Published  By Ozan Dagdeviren (Average rating- 4.3/5, Total Ratings- 559 )

Short Biography of Instructor:

Ozan Dagdeviren believes in a future in which technology depends on “human

sciences” more and more. The main focus of his works are human

behaviour, critical thinking, art of happiness and social redesign.

During his academic and professional career, he has taken every possible chance to get better at “behaviour analysis”; seeing the person as a complex system and trying to understand it at all levels.

He’s the author of the book  Creative Hiring and The Other Way available through Amazon. He is also published in print with his book Happiness Through Critical Thinking (2015). He writes (both short form blog posts and long form books), acts as a Career Consultant and a Consultant for HR and Leadership to large companies. In his remaining time, he is acting as the Co-Founder of two dynamic and new startups in the areas of education and recruitment.

He also acts as a keynote speaker mainly on topics relating to how technology disrupts the business life and new career plans.

He has gained his academic education in the areas of Sociology, Psychology and Communication Studies, completing his thesis on changing technologies and societal implications.

He has worked in a variety of professional settings including the Behavioural Sciences Institute, Market Research, Executive Search and Professional Recruitment among other Human Resources roles.

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Coach (or Hack!) Your Own Career: Career Change, Development
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Free Coach (or Hack!) Your Own Career: Career Change, Development course

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