Thursday, 6 April 2017

Free Beginners Guide to Developing SQL Queries for SQL Server course

Learn to Summarise data using aggregation and Query multiple tables


Retrieve data from multiple tables

Filter data

Remove Duplicate Data

Update Data

Add Data

Delete Data

Microsoft SQL Server is robust relational database management system used by so many

organizations of various sizes including top fortune 100 companies.

SQL -Structural Query language is the language used to interrogate and manipulate

Microsoft SQL Server Databases.

This course is a beginners course that will walk you through how to develop queries

to execute on and SQL Server Database.

We will start by developing queries to :

Retrieve data with SELECT

Use Aliases

Use Case Expressions

Retrieve data from a view

Eliminate duplicates

Filter data with equality filters

Filter data with basic comparisons

Filter data with string comparisons

Filter data with logical comparisons

Filter data with NULL comparisons

Use order by clause

Sort data by ascending order

Sort data by multiple columns 

Add new records

Update existing records

Delete records

There may be times when want to retrieve data from multiple tables and in course

we will do that using:

  Inner joins 

  Left outer joins

  Right Outer joins

We will also be Summarising data with aggregate functions such as:







 Grouping data

 ORDER BY Clause

SQL forms the cornerstone of all relational database operations. Taking full advantage of its power requires an in-depth understanding of the language. In this course, you learn to use the full potential of SQL to write simple queries for SQL Server databases. You will gain the practical skills to choose the best query method to ensure accuracy and avoid common errors or pitfalls.

Course Published  By Bluelime Learning Solutions (Average rating- 4.1/5, Total Ratings- 975 )

Short Biography of Instructor:

Bluelime is UK based and creates quality easy to understand eLearning solutions .All our courses are 100% video based. We teach hands –on- examples that teach real life skills .

Bluelime has engaged in various types of projects for fortune 500 companies and understands what is required to prepare students with the relevant skills they need.

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Beginners Guide to Developing SQL Queries for SQL Server
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Free Beginners Guide to Developing SQL Queries for SQL Server course

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