Thursday, 6 April 2017

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Learn the language you need to communicate successfully in a variety of everyday situations.
Understand the English used in a range of everyday situations.

Learn the appropriate English expressions to use in similar situations.

Learn over 500 words of vocabulary.

Have a better understanding of a of basic English grammar.

Do you already have a basic knowledge of English, but want to improve your ability to communicate in real-life situations? And do so in a fun, enjoyable way? Then Everyday English for ESL is just the course for you!

Each lesson begins with a fully-animated dialogue, which presents the vocabulary, grammar, and expressions you need to know in order to communicate successfully in English in a wide range of everyday situations.

The situations include:

The dialogue is presented with and without speech bubbles, and is followed by:

All the audio material has been recorded by professional voice actors with British or American accents, and each lesson comes with a ten-page downloadable PDF, which contains:

Several of these activities can also be done online, and the extra resources include Quizlet flashcard sets featuring the vocabulary used in each lesson.

At the end of the course, there’s a Final Quiz, to test what you have learnt.

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