Thursday, 6 April 2017

Free Better Me: 3 Keys to Personal Transformation & Breakthrough course

Life-Changing Personal Growth through Inspiration, Motivation & Practical Empowerment – Dreams, Mindset and Focus


You’ll be better equiped to make life-changing decisions that will begin to powerfully impact your career, business and home life

You’ll be able to lay solid foundations for your Personal Growth based on Mindest, Dreams and Purposefulness

You’ll understand the process of developing a Growth Mindset to enable you to expand your vision, overcome obstacles and create your own opportunities

You’ll learn to identify and develop your dreams and reasons, the motivation and drive you need to take you to new heights

A Bigger Life is there to be discovered…

Based on chapters from Craig’s book “Turn This Ship Around”, this course explores three areas of Self Improvement and Personal Development that are key to discovering the life you were made for, pursuing your dreams and equipping you to change the direction your life is headed.

Through lectures and workshops we’ll look at how developing our thinking, attitudes and purposefulness can lead to empowering decisions that in turn lead to a bigger, fuller, happier life.

If you’ve ever felt unfulfilled, or that life just isn’t going in the direction you desire, then this course can give you the tools and motivation to change your mindset, fix your eyes on the prize and chase your dreams.

And if you’re an entrepreneur or professional you’ll find plenty to challenge and envision you on your drive towards success.

There are 4 main sections to the course:

Each section aims to give practical, actionable teaching for anyone who is ready to take hold of their future and discover new horizons!

We will look at our attitudes and mindset, developing our dreams, and bringing purposefulness and direction into our day, learning to take action, step-by-step, to bring about powerful changes in our lives.

Personal Development and Growth is a journey that’s unique to each on of us, but many of us struggle with the 3 subjects covered in this course.  Be sure to lay some solid foundations for your growth that can become the building blocks of a whole new life.

Course Published  By Craig Pennell (Average rating- 4.3/5, Total Ratings- 140 )

Short Biography of Instructor:

Training with a Purpose

Craig is an Entrepreneur, Writer and Online Instructor. After a career in IT and Project Management, Craig decided to change the direction of his life by building a multi-faceted Online Business.

At the heart of every course that Craig teaches is the underlying desire to help individuals unlock their potential and create their own opportunities.

Personal Development has been an important foundation in Craig’s business, and he encourages everyone to make personal growth a priority.

Craig lives on the Mediterranean coast of Spain with his wife and three children.

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Better Me: 3 Keys to Personal Transformation & Breakthrough
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Free Better Me: 3 Keys to Personal Transformation & Breakthrough course

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