Tuesday, 18 April 2017

100% off Free Camtasia 9 Quick Start for Creating Online Courses course coupon

Start creating online courses today with Camtasia 9, even if you have no Camtasia experience.
Prepare the computer to create a new online course.

Record any screen activity to display to your students.

Assemble a proper video, and edit out any unwanted junk.

Add voiceover narration.

Add titles and callouts to a video.

Produce an MP4 video that can be published on any online school as well as any site that accepts video (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more)

Access many free resources for additional video training, support groups, online promotional resources, and free public domain photos, clipart, videos and other assets they can safely use in any online course or other publication.

Here are what some students who’ve completed this course already have to say…

-This course was superb, and I learned a lot of new stuff with the help of this training course. Thanks Alan for creating these videos and shared with me.

– Excellent presentation from a well-informed and articulate “computer guy”

-This is a gentleman who knows exactly what he is talking about – and – how to deliver his knowledge to others. Brilliant

– Very simple and beautiful course.

– Great information!

– Good course on camtasia studio 9. I liked the voice correction part the most, and the file management part to avoid the situation : “where is that file?”. Thank you!

-I  have been using Camtasia since at least 2002 and I have to say that Alan really knows and understands how to teach these concepts. While I am certainly not a beginner I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to learn how to operate this piece of software in order to put together a course online in an education marketplace or on a website such as YouTube. He clearly knows the subject and it is very easy to follow along in this course.

Here is what the course is all about…

In this course focus is on getting up-to-speed quickly with Camtasia 9 to produce a top-quality online course. Here you’ll learn just the stuff you really need to know to produce an engaging and informative course that your students will appreciate. You’ll learn how to prepare you computers screen resolution, mouse pointer, microphone, and folders to start off on the right foot. You’ll discover the secrets to recording the screen properly to get your course approved on the first pass, and give your students the best possible visual experience.

You’ll learn how to use Camtasia 9 to assemble your video, editing out the bad parts and keeping only the good. You’ll discover how to easily add voice-over narration and free-frame video content giving yourself some extra time to explain concepts that need extra explaining. You’ll learn the tricks to adding titles and animated callouts to your presentation to describe, and call attention to, items on your students’ screens.

Finally, you will learn how to produce your finished product for publication on Udemy, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other online video publishing service. As an added bonus, you’ll find resources to free video tutorials to reinforce and expand on what you’ve learned here, and well as sources for free public domain background, music tracks, photos, clipart, and videos you can safely use in any online video you ever create. If you want your course to be engaging, get good reviews, and good search engine positioning, then Camtasia 9 and this is the course are for you.

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Camtasia 9 Quick Start for Creating Online Courses
Camtasia 9 Quick Start for Creating Online Courses course coupon
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100% off Free Camtasia 9 Quick Start for Creating Online Courses course coupon

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