Thursday, 6 April 2017

Free All about Beard course

Historically, the beard is a symbol of power, so many strong men, at all times had beards.


You will be able to determine the type of your face

Each will choose the suitable type of beard or mustache

You will broaden your horizons

Currently beards gain its former popularity. Although recently it was thought that a man must be clean-shaven.Today you can see on the streets many of young people and even adults with beards. Beard gives the owner a lot of advantages. Beard can not only decorate your face and make you more sexy. In this course we will look at them in more detail. After completing this course, you can easily determine the type of your face and be able to select the appropriate for you type of beard or mustache easily. In addition, we look at the past and see how beards was popular in antiquity.

Course consists of:

This course will be useful

not only for owners of beards and those who are only going to grow it. But for example for stylists and those who are associated with the fashion industry.

Yes, and just anyone who wants to learn something new. Well, if you are one of them, let’s start learning!

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Short Biography of Instructor:

Hello! My name is Simon Brady! I am the individual instructor of self-development from 2012. More than 1000 of my students have improved their personalities and reached success. Already in the 18 years I was the manager of brand promotion, and in 19 years I became a personal adviser of CEO of the largest company in Central Asia. I help people to become better, more confident in themselves and their abilities. Now I would like to make a series of courses to share my experience with everyone. All about what will be discussed in my courses I tried personally. And it really works!

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All about Beard
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Free All about Beard course

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