Thursday, 6 April 2017

Free Ethical Hacking and pentesting Beginner course - 2017 * course

Learn ethical hacking, penetration testing, web testing, Network testing and wifi hacking using kali linux


They will Contain basic technical Knowledge of Ethical Hacking

They will get Knowledge of Ethical Hacking Terminologies

Sunil K. Gupta

Web Security Specialist

Course Published  By Prof. Sunil K. Gupta (Average rating- 4.1/5, Total Ratings- 43 )

Short Biography of Instructor:

Hello Learners ,

I am Sunil K. Gupta . I am a Computer Science Engineer as well as a web Security Specialist working in the field of Cyber Security . In cyber Industry we work on different hacking tools and techniques .

When it comes to cybersecurity, hacking comes in many colors: white, grey, black, and shades in between. White hat hackers use their skills for good. They practice ethical hacking: involved testing to see if an organization’s network is vulnerable to outside attacks .

My strengths are:-

◆ Vulnerability Assessment ◆ Penetration Testing ◆ Wi-Fi Assessment ◆ Intrusion Detection ◆Risk’s Identification ◆ Data Analysis ◆ Report and Briefing.

Best Security Tools I have used :-

Class-Dump-Z, Cycript, GNU Debugger, Fiddler, Nmap, Wikto, Brutus, WireShark, Burp Proxy, Paros Proxy, Cain and Abel, John the Ripper, Hydra, Metasploit, netcat, openssl, ike tools, Back track tools, Nessus, IBM-AppScan, Acunetix, Nikto, NetSparker, MicrosoftBaseline Security Analyzer (MBSA), Web Securify, Nipper.

Platforms – Windows, Linux operating System.

So As I have created my career in Cyber Security . you guys can also learn Ethical hacking . Lets Do It.


Sunil K. Gupta

Web Security Specialist

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Ethical Hacking and pentesting Beginner course – 2017 *
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Free Ethical Hacking and pentesting Beginner course - 2017 * course

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