Sunday, 9 April 2017

Free Angular 2 with Typescript - Essential Training course

Learn Angular 2 from the ground up | This course combines a Project, Slides and Quizzes | Perfect for beginners


Understand the Fundamental Concepts of Angular 2

Develop Angular 2 Applications

Updated for latest version of Angular 2

Learn all the essentials of building Angular 2 applications right here.

This is a beginner level course aimed at those new to Angular 2 and Typescript.  No previous knowledge of either is required before starting this course.

This course combines slides, projects and quizzes in a clear, concise and engaging way to guide you through the core concepts of Angular 2 and Typescript.

You will gain a solid foundation for building real-world applications following best practices and the Angular 2 style guide. This includes how to build components, create shared services, navigate between views, manage data, and managing user and system events.

Each section will contain an introduction to a new concept. Followed by a slide-based presentation to get you familiar with the concept, and then an example inside of our application to cement your understanding.

By the end of this course, you will have a clear understanding of how to to build Angular applications with many real-world features. As a result, you will feel empowered to go out into the wild and start creating your own Angular 2 applications!

What you’ll learn:

Course updated regularly with new content to stay relevant & up-to-date!

Course Published  By Patrick Schroeder (Average rating- 4.3/5, Total Ratings- 4,539 )

Short Biography of Instructor:

Patrick Schroeder is a self-taught full stack JavaScript developer. He enjoys working with Angular, Node.js, Mongodb, React.js, Firebase, and anything else javascript related. Patrick is passionate about teaching Javascript. He loves to help others understand difficult concepts by creating clear presentations that gradually builds to full comprehension of a given topic. He is very interested in furthering his knowledge of IOT and wearable products with the intention of teaching cutting edge technologies and collaborating to bring new products to life.

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Angular 2 with Typescript – Essential Training
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Free Angular 2 with Typescript - Essential Training course

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