Friday, 7 April 2017

Free Options Trading - Calendar Spread Course for Every Trader course

One of the Most Consistent Options Trading Spread known as Calendar Spread. How to Manage a Calendar and How to Adjust.


Have a clear understanding of calendar spread

Able to trade with confidence

Master a skill in Calendar Spread

The Most Common Options Spread in Options Trading is the Calendar Spread

Why is Calendar Spread popular? It must have been a good methodology that traders who are new or traders that have years of experience is still trading Calendar Spread.

Apart from Iron Condor, the Calendar Spread is the most popular.

Calendar Spread and Iron Condor is 2 different strategy altogether, Iron Condor is a negative vega strategy (you are selling volatility and that explain why everytime when the stock market crash the iron condor lose big) Calendar Spread on the other hand is a positive vega strategy (you are buying volatility and if the volatility rises because of a stock market crash, your Calendar Spread benefit from it). Calendar Spread is a positive theta strategy and so yes you are still going to benefit from time decay,

Managing and Adjusting Calendar Spread

It is very easy to manage and adjust a calendar spread. I will show you how you can place a auto adjust into the trading platform and the calendar spread will adjust itself when your break even level is being threaten. This knowledge itself is worth many times the price of this cost, You do not have to gule yourself to the screen to wait for a adjustment. I will teach you how you can do it automatically.

Trade with Confidence

Enroll in the course now to embark a journey with me

Course Published  By Winston Wee (Average rating- 4.2/5, Total Ratings- 282 )

Short Biography of Instructor:

My Name is Winston,

I am a online marketer and a investor. I have been trading options since 2004 and have more than a decade of trading experience. I have been thru the up and down of trading including the 2008 October crisis and the flash crash in May 2011. I am mainly a options seller most of my trading strategy is to benefit from time decay. I do buy options occasionally.

I have been in the online business since 2005. I have been actively involved in Online Business. I own a successful Ebay business which I am still running. I own 3 website that has high traffic and I have a couple of youtube channel that has thousand of view daily.

Over the year Internet has make many big changes. Website that get rank today is derank tomorrow when Google released a new update. As a Internet businessman one has to be able to stay up to date with technology.

I have been keeping myself up to date. And when I know a subject well. I am very good at it.

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Options Trading – Calendar Spread Course for Every Trader
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Free Options Trading - Calendar Spread Course for Every Trader course

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