Saturday, 20 May 2017

FREE Retrieving Data from Oracle Database with SQL course coupon

Learn to use Oracle SQL

Oracle database is one of the top and most widely used relational database management systems in the world .

This beginners course will teach you how to retrieve data from an oracle database.

We will start off by downloading and installing oracle  database 11g express which is free to use. Then we will install TOAD which is a tool we will be using to connect to the oracle database and retrieve data.

Topics we will cover in this course includes:

Retrieving Data 

Using SELECT Statements

Using FROM clause

Using WHERE Clause for filtering data

Using NOT Operator

Using the LIKE Operator


Using ORDER BY Clause


Using Describe

Using and creating views

Using Sub-Query

Restricting and Sorting Data

Using ORDER BY Clause

Using GROUP BY and HAVING Clause

Retrieving Data with Aggregate Functions 

Introduction to aggregate functions

Using AVG function

Using COUNT function

Using MAX function

Using MIN function

Retrieving Data with Table Joins

Introduction to Table Joins

Using Equi Joins

Using Non Equi Joins

Using Cartesian Join

Using Outer Join

Using Self Join

Retrieving Data with Analytic Functions 

Introduction to Analytic Functions

The Syntax

Partition By Clause

First and Last Function

Row number Functions

Dense Rank Function

Lag Function

LEAD Function

RANK Function

Retrieving Data with SET Operators 

Using UNION ALL SET Operator

UNION SET Operator

Using INTERSECT Operator

Using Minus Operator

By the end of this course you will have enough skill to retrieve data from an oracle database.

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FREE Retrieving Data from Oracle Database with SQL course coupon

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