Monday, 15 May 2017

FREE Boost your website speed without any coding! course coupon

Speed Up your wordpress website and enhance your google rank!

Hey guys!

In this course, I am going to teach you how to speed up your WordPress website without doing any coding or paying any extra dollar!

I am Rihab, an Engineer with more than 5 years experience in web designing and seo. I have helped hundreds of people to enhance their website speed and now I intend to help you do the same.

I know how frustrating it is to have a slow website; I have been there myself and I know what you might be feeling right now.

First of all, you should know that Website speed affects your user’s experience. Clients usually avoid slow websites, and not only do they run away from such websites, they also never come back to visit them again!

Imagine yourself going to eat at a restaurant. You sit on your table waiting for the waiter to come and give you the menu. And you keep on waiting for a long time without him showing up. What will you do then? I bet you will leave the restaurant and go to the closest one!

That is exactly what happens when someone visits a slow website.

Furthermore, Website speed affects your Google ranks, and this is something no one should tolerate! Google aims to give their clients the best experience they can get, that is why it favors fast websites and ranks them highly. So if you are aiming for a higher Google rank you have to take good care of your website speed.

I know you might have tried so many online solutions, read dozens of articles, downloaded many plug-ins hoping to speed up your website… and nothing really worked out!

So, let me tell you a secret.

Downloading speed plug-ins is not the right solution. What would you feel if I told you that some plug-ins can and will slow your website; therefore the benefits of downloading these plug-ins do not cover the damages they cause? What would you feel if you knew that instead of fixing your speed you were ruining it by doing the completely opposite wrong procedure!

But do not panic. In this course you will find the solution for all your problems, and not only will you be able to fix your speed instantly but you will also provide your website with the suitable plans to keep it running fast with a minimum of efforts and without having to do any coding!

We will start this course by explaining what is website speed.

Then we’ll see together the method of measuring the website speed and how to analyze the results we get.

Next, you will learn how to clean up your wordpress website so that you save space for your valuable data.

Then I will teach you, step by step, how to optimize your existing media as well as your new media before uploading them to your website… And believe me, you will be surprised to see how easy this is and how much your media optimization will affect your website speed.

Afterwards, I will reveal to you the special tricks I use to change slow and boring websites into fast and vivid ones. These tricks will be the key points in the transformation of your website speed. When I first discovered them, I thought that I had put my hands on some kind of magic tricks because the huge amount of improvement you will see and experience shall astonish you.

In this course, I will deliver these tricks to you in a simple easy way. I will show you the tricks and I will accompany you into applying them step by step.

Here I will teach you how to optimize every part of your website and how to keep it optimized all the time with a minimum of efforts!

This course is simple, quick and straight to the point. It is structured to respond to all your needs and to suit everyone. Both WordPress beginners and experts will benefit from it.

You can start by applying these techniques tonight; I guarantee you that within 2 days you will experience a better speed, and, thus, you will enhance your Google rank as well.

This course doesn’t have a fixed price; it gets more expensive every day, i.e. if you visit this page tomorrow you might find that the price of the course has changed. Therefore, you’d better take profit of the oppo

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FREE Boost your website speed without any coding! course coupon

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