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Master all topics in Fractions

Welcome to the ‘ Math Fractions Course’.

In construction or carpentry, precise measurements are important to build houses or cutting lumber for home projects. Similarly, a driver needs to know what distances, such as a half-mile or quarter-mile represent. In the high jump, the height jumped by competitors is given in fractions, such as 3 1/2 feet.

Fractions are important in many other professions, such as for pharmacists and seamstresses. Its also necessary for students to learn fractions so they can take higher order math courses like algebra, where the topic of rational expressions involves adding and subtracting expressions in fraction form.

When telling time, people have to decide how much of the clock the minute hand has covered. For example, if the minute hand has covered a quarter of the clock, it equates to 15 minutes.

Cooking requires that people know how to split ingredients to fit the recipe. For example, if someone wants to halve a recipe, he needs to convert the existing amounts using fractions. If two eggs are called for in the original recipe, half of this is a single egg. A recipe that calls for a cup of milk requires a half a cup of milk when halved.Each of these activities affect the daily life of the average person and use multiple fractions.

This course covers all topics on Fractions with practice problems for each. This is a great opportunity for you to master fractions and excel in academics as well as real world problems.

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