Wednesday, 31 May 2017

FREE Simple and Easy Japanese Fish Recipes Cooked in a Microwave course coupon

New recipes for fish that you can easily prepare and cook. Spend more time in the dining table not in the kitchen!

I believe that healthy and delicious food shouldn’t always be difficult to make. This course was created following the Japanese cuisine mantra, “keep it simple, let the ingredients shine”. This course is for you if you believe in the same thing.

In this course, you will learn new and exciting recipes for fish which are cooked using a microwave. Cooking in a microwave has many advantages such as ease of cooking, fast way to cook food and no greasy pans to clean after cooking. For each recipe, the recommended wattage to use and time of cooking is given so you don’t need to worry about overcooking or even burning your food.

The recipes included in this course features traditional Japanese way of cooking fish like tai no nitsuke and a different take on the traditional Japanese food called buri daikon. You’ll also learn different types of Japanese sauce that complements well with fish.

For the fish to be used, it’s highly recommended to use the one that is on season for best results of your dish. I’ve made this course late winter and early spring so the fish I’ve used are yellowtail, Spanish mackerel, and codfish. If the fish mentioned are not available in your area, feel free to substitute it with whatever you can find easily.

This course is a work in progress so you’ll expect new lectures and recipes as we go along. Also, remember to use only microwave-safe dishes and plates when cooking food in a microwave for health and safety reasons.

See you all in class and have fun in the kitchen.

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FREE Simple and Easy Japanese Fish Recipes Cooked in a Microwave course coupon

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