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FREE Complete MATLAB Tutorial: Go from Beginner to Pro course coupon

Essential MATLAB Tutorial that will take you from beginner to advance level

Basic Course Description

MATLAB (matrix laboratory) is a multi-paradigm numerical computing environment and fourth-generation programming language which is frequenlty being used by engineering and science students. In this course, we will start learning MATLAB from a beginner level, and will gradually move into more technical and advnace topics. This course is designed to be general in scope which means that it will be beneficial to students in any major. Once, passed a certain learning thresholds, you will definately enjoy MATLAB Programming. The key benefit of MATLAB is that it makes the programming available to everyone and is very fast to turn ideas into working products compared to some of the conventional programming languages such as  Java, C, C++, visual basic and others.

Below is the detailed outline of this course.

Segment 1.0: Instructor and Course Introduction

Segment 2.0: Handling variables and Creating Scripts

Segment 3.0: Doing Basic Maths in MATLAB

Segment 4.0: Operations on Matrices

Segment 5.0: Advance Math Functions with Symbolic Data Type

Segment 6.0: Interacting with MATLAB and Graphics

Segment 7.0: Importing Data into MATLAB

Segment 8.0: File Handling and Text Processing

Segment 9.0: MATLAB Programming

Segment 10: Sharing Your MATLAB Results

Segment 11: Things you May Want to Learn


Your Benefits and Advantages:


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More Benefits and Advantages:

✔ You receive knowledge from an experienced instructor (Dr. Nouman Azam) who is the creator of five courses on Udemy in the MATLAB niche.

✔ The titles of these courses are

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Student Testimonials for Dr. Nouman Azam!


This is the second Udemy class on Matlab I’ve taken. Already, a couple important concepts have been discussed that weren’t discussed in the previous course. I’m glad the instructor is comparing Matlab to Excel, which is the tool I’ve been using and have been frustrated with. This course is a little more advanced than the previous course I took. As an engineer, I’m delighted it covers complex numbers, derivatives, and integrals. I’m also glad it covers the GUI creation. None of those topics were covered in the more basic introduction I first took.

Jeff Philips


“The selection of topics is good. The content of the lectures is fine. The lecturer talks a bit too fast. I had problems with coding one of the lectures and asked for help from the lecturer He answered me quickly and to the point.”



Good Class, gives a good overview of using Guide in MATLAB. Explanations are short and to the point. Does not give in-depth instruction. However, the class is very good at showing how to use the Guide in building MATLAB GUIs. If you are unfamiliar with the Guide at all, this is a good class. It will show you how to make GUIs using the Guide and how to work with the many different elements available in the Guide like tables, check boxes, drop down lists, etc.

Joe Boyd

Student Testimonials! who are also instructors in the MATLAB category


“Concepts are explained very well, Keep it up Sir…!!!”

Engr Muhammad Absar Ul Haq instructor of course “Matlab keystone skills for Mathematics (Matrices & Arrays)”

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Complete MATLAB Tutorial: Go from Beginner to Pro
Complete MATLAB Tutorial: Go from Beginner to Pro course coupon
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FREE Complete MATLAB Tutorial: Go from Beginner to Pro course coupon

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