Tuesday, 23 May 2017

FREE Introduction to Digestion and Excretion course coupon

An Introductory course for all students

Are you a high school student? Or are you simply looking to expand your knowledge in biology? Then this is a course that you should enroll in.

Together we will examine the very basics of human digestion and excretion. We will discuss the changes that occur in food from the time we consume it until it is fully digested.But what happens when our food is fully digested? What happens to the metabolic wastes? Well, we shall examine how our excretory system helps us to get rid of metabolic wastes, in order to protect our cells from damage. In this short course you will also learn about the importance of a balanced diet, nutrient deficiency, and how our body control the amount of water in the blood vessels.

This is therefore an idea course for students who are preparing to write “O” level examinations. All the basic information will be provided on the topics that we will be exploring. However, this course is not restricted to students only, but to anyone who wish to have a basic understanding of these two fundamental processes that are taking place in our body, every single moment of our lives.

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FREE Introduction to Digestion and Excretion course coupon

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