Wednesday, 10 May 2017

FREE Dating Advice For Nice Men: Escaping The Friend Zone course coupon

The nice man’s step-by-step guide on attracting women and leaving the friend zone for good

Level up from being a (way too) nice man, who’s afraid of being rejected by women, to a funny, self-confident, attractive, witty man.

(As my gift to the Udemy community, this course is now available for FREE. Thank you, Udemians and Happy Learning!)

You will be able to keep a conversation going and spark a woman’s romantic interest. What you do from there is up to you.

(Heads-Up: Take this course only if you really want that special woman you like feel viscerally ATTRACTED to YOU).

The course is intended to teach smart men how to

Wondering if you should you take this course?

Well, answer the questions below.

If you answered yes to any of the question above, then allow me to tell you about a new language you might want to learn.

It’s the kind of language that women really respond to emotionally.

And no, you do not have to become a jerk to speak it.

You do not have to put on your pick-up persona and behave like someone you’re not.

But you will be developing your personality traits that naturally attract the kind of women you like.

Looking for a quickfix?

This course is NOT A QUICKFIX for your troubles with the ladies.

To become more successful when dating women, you need to take a journey that will teach you a new perspective.

The only way to prove to yourself that yes, you can be succesful with women is to apply immediately what you learned from this course.

There is no way around it. No way, Jose!

Only by learning, applying and internalizing the techniques and ideas from thist course, you will start seeing results

You will start attracting and dating the type of woman you like.

And you will keep her attracted to you (without tricks).

Some of the ideas and methods will be counter-intuitive at times.

But give them a chance, because I will explain them to you, with tons of examples and extra details.

Why I Am Qualified To Help You

Over ten years ago, I was just like you.

A logical guy, who loved to do very smart things all day long (computer programming).

I was quite good at it.

But my dating and love life was a true wasteland.

Once in a while, there’d be a girl I secretely liked.

The more I liked a girl, the nicer I was to her.

I never wanted to upset her.

I quickly became her friend, trying to always be around her one way or another.

If she needed help to fix her computer, I quickly showed up and helped her.

In case she needed a true friend, I was there for her.

She usually complained to me about some other guy she was in love with.

And I was standing there, slowly dying on the inside because she didn’t see that I was the right choice for her (at least in my mind).

I was a true friend, but I never became her lover.

In my early 20s, girls liked me a lot!

But not in the way I wanted.

They liked me as a friend. I was the best friend a girl could have!

Nice, kind, trustworthy and sympathetic.

And this was my kryptonite.

Because I was stuck in the Friend Zone.

If I ever dared to show the slightest romantic interest in a girl who was my friend, she freaked out.

And she started a long talk, explaining how and why she saw me only as a friend.

She assured me that I was a good guy, a good person.

And that there’s a girl somewhere out there, just for me.

And I would meet her some day, if I was patient enough.

She quickly put me back to my place. Back into the “just friends” box.

She soon started avoiding me not to hurt my feelings.

She stopped answering my calls.

My fear of losing her had come true.

I played it safe, I played it nice, but it still happened.

The girl of my dreams was out of my life.

After going several times through the same type of experience with different girls, I decided I had enough of this.

I threw in the towel.

And began my personal journey.

I was desperate to find out what was I doing wrong.

Why were the women I dated not interested in me as a lover?

What was my #1 mistake that caused my (non-existent) romantic life?

I was hard pressed to find out, once and

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Dating Advice For Nice Men: Escaping The Friend Zone
Dating Advice For Nice Men: Escaping The Friend Zone course coupon
Dating Advice For Nice Men: Escaping The Friend Zone coupon
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FREE Dating Advice For Nice Men: Escaping The Friend Zone course coupon

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