Thursday, 25 May 2017

FREE Three Steps Trading - Live Trading - Real Account course coupon

Forex Market – Stock – Technical Analysis – Harmonic Trading Strategy – Live Trading – Real Account

Step I

This course is designed for everyone interested in trading. The learning process starts from primary and elementary things, such as the basic theses and terms related to stock exchange, stock market operations, risk, profit … The following is an introduction to the trading and getting familiar with the trading platform.

The aim of the first module is introducing into trading, and it is created for beginners.

Step II

After acquiring these elementary knowledge, we will move on to the field of technical analysis. There will be introduced: trends, support and resistant levels, Fibonacci levels, Elliot waves, technical patterns, and the most dominant indicators and oscillators. Then we will explain fundamental analysis and sentiment analysis.

This part of the course is created for traders who want to improve their trading technique and prepare you for self-trading in the stock market.

Step III

In this last part, we will introduce our trading strategy. There we will explain in detail our strategy rules, how to find patterns for trade, how to setup pending orders, where to put stop loss, what is our target per trade, how much we risk per trade and how we manage open trades and reduce risk.

After this part students will be fully prepared to trade using our trading strategy. Strategy is ideal for people who are employed or do not want to trade more than a few hours a day.

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FREE Three Steps Trading - Live Trading - Real Account course coupon

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