Thursday, 11 May 2017

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Be prepared for that #JobInterview

Getting Ready for a #JobInterview ?

Feel like you don’t have any experience and “How can I get a job without experience, I need a job to get experience…..” ( BTW We’ve got that covered too)

To get good at anything you need to practice it. That’s with everything and anything. The trouble is that in your lifetime, you will spend less than 1% of it in interviews. Not a lot of time to practice.

That’s why I created this course, this training program. To give you the tools you need to train, to practice.

And the sooner you get these tools down pat, the less time you have to worry about the interview and the higher your self confidence will grow.

I’ve been a Targeted Selection Interviewer, Professional Self Development Coach and Trainer for over a decade, and I’ve coached people entering the workforce for the first time and those who have been in the workforce for years, with these same techniques because there isn’t much opportunity to practice.

Get started on the free preview lectures, and then take some time to think about it. Then when you are ready, enroll.

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