Wednesday, 7 June 2017

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Tools and Techniques for Managing Stress…

Are you stressed???

Research has shown that there are so many illnesses associated with “STRESS” and that is reason enough to abolish it!!!

In this fascinating book, you will learn about “Good Stress” and “Bad Stress”. You will discover that it is the “Bad Stress” that is destroying us and just like in an Identification Parade you will discover that you can identify the “Stressor.”

This book also explores the symptoms of stress that we often overlook. You will be furnished with expert advice on how to manage and overcome stress. You will discover that how much stress affects our mind and body and how it takes out the FUN out of our lives.

Be bold! Be Courageous! Let’s combat this giant call STRESS and restore our health and happiness!!!

Here Is a Preview of What You’ll Learn…

• Understanding Stress

• Common Responses to Stress

• Symptoms of Stress

• An Overview of the Factors that Causes Stress

• An Overview of the Effects of Stress

• Health Problems

• Psychological Effects

• Establish and Eliminate the Source of Stress

• Much, much more!

Join the course and start learning today!

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