Monday, 5 June 2017

100% off Email Marketing For E-Commerce course coupon

Email Marketing For Ecommerce Sellers Featuring MailChimp and Shopify | Learn Email Marketing To Grow Online Income

Email Marketing helps you boost online sales using simple automation to make it easy.

It is important to realize that a business cannot rely on paid traffic forever and it is important to build a solid backbone structure for consistent growth without any hurdles – email marketing is what professional marketers use to achieve this goal. While other marketing channels like social media might fade away – email is a foundational piece of online life.

Almost 205 billion emails are sent each day. Many are business related. Learn how you can grab a piece of this gigantic email marketing pie by taking this detailed course. With over 2 hours worth of valuable video lectures, the course covers –

And much, much more!

Less than 20% of your social media followers actually see your post on the newsfeed. On the other hand, ads are getting costlier day by day. Building a loyal base of email subscribers is the way to grow and thrive.

An email list is a valuable asset that makes you stand out from your competitors and this course teaches you exactly how to build it in the most cost effective manner and then use it to sell hundreds or even thousands of products each day! All lessons taught in the course are from practical experiences that the instructors have personally gone through over the years.

If your goal is to build a long term sustainable online store that uses automation then wait no further and take this course now!

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