Friday, 9 June 2017

100% off How To Make Beats For Rappers On An iPhone course coupon

Learn how to easily make your own fresh original hip hop beats to rap and freestyle on from your iPhone with free apps.

In this course you will learn how to make your own original hip hop beats to rap on…

This way you won’t have to:

If you’re starting to rap and freestyle then overcomplicated rap instrumentals are no good.

You need simple sounding beats that do not take away from your vocals.

You need people to be able to hear your voice clearly.

The problem is most hip hop producers get bored with simple hip hop beats and over produce them to the point where there are so many change ups in the beat that a rapper is not even needed.

I’ve dealt with this a lot…

I have amazing beat maker friends who make incredible beats…

But they are usually over complicated and difficult to write to because they have so many parts.

This is why I have been searching for a simple, intuitive and easy to use method for making beats easily.

Now that we have iphones…

Making simple beats for rappers is finally possible.

With this new method I’ve been easily making 3 beats a day and its so much fun…

Just straight simple beats perfect for rappers and freestylers…

Now you can make beats for…

I love this method for making beats for free on the iphone and I can’t wait to share it with you.

It truly is the easiest way I’ve ever tried to make beats and the beats sound dope tooo!

A lot of beat making software can be difficult to use and require a desktop computer.

And most apps I’ve tried either are not user friendly, don’t work as promised or have super wack sounds.

With the main free app in this course, you will have a great intuitive set up for easily creating rap beat instrumentals from your iphone that sound current.

I hope you enjoy this course and I can’t wait to hear your beats!


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100% off How To Make Beats For Rappers On An iPhone course coupon

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