Wednesday, 7 June 2017

FREE Fun Nose work Games for Pet Dogs course coupon

Discover how to unlock the power of your dog’s amazing nose by playing find it games using food and toys.

Most dog’s nose do nothing but get him into trouble.

My dog was easily distracted at the park, beach and woods by the scent of every dog, bird, squirrel or empty packet of crisps he comes across?

Once I learned how to harness my dogs superpower (his amazing sense of smell) then walking him off lead became a fun experience once more, and with this ‘Fun Nose Work Games for Pet Dogs’ video course, you can do the same!

Tracking, trailing, searching and scent detection are all popular activities that more and more pet dog owners from all over the world are trying and enjoying.This short course is a perfect introduction to simple scent work games that any dog can take part in, and you can practise at home or in your garden.

In this course you will discover;

This short course is only 6 modules long and around and can be completed in less than one hour. It is designed for anyone, regardless of experience and any dog can learn nose work games. This type of game provides a mental rather than a physical challenge which makes it perfect for puppies and older dogs who can’t or shouldn’t do too much exercise

You will learn why your dog’s nose always gets him into trouble and how you can avoid that.

You will then learn some facts about just how impressive a dogs sense of smell really is.

Then there are some lectures on how to use your dog’s regular food and toys to play some simple find it games he will love.

As a bonus you will then learn exactky how to teach your dog how to find your keys, wallet, slippers or TV remote! This is a really cool trick that your friends will love AND will also get you out of trouble the next time you misplace your keys…

This course has been produced by Dom Hodgson, dog training expert and bestselling author of ‘How to Be Your Dog’s Superhero’.

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FREE Fun Nose work Games for Pet Dogs course coupon

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