Friday, 23 June 2017

FREE Practical Data Cleaning course coupon

19 Essential Tips to Scrub Your Dirty Data

“Data is a lot messier and noisier than people want to acknowledge”

Nate Silver

If you want to get the most out of your data, you’re going to need to treat it with respect.

Most textbooks on data tend not to dwell on practical issues because, well, it can get quite messy. But if you’re organised and follow a few simple rules your data cleaning processes can be simple, fast and effective – saving you time and money.

Practical Data Cleaning is a thorough introduction to the basics of data cleaning, is perfect for beginners, and takes you through:

Why do things the difficult way when you can do them simply? It really is all about spending a little bit of time to organise yourself and apply some neat tips and tricks to your process.

If you watch this video course you WILL:

When you get your data organised, your data cleaning processes become much easier and faster, giving you time to plan your next holiday on company time (I won’t tell the boss if you won’t…).

This is what you will be learning in the Practical Data Cleaning video course.

This FREE video course will introduce you to the basic principles of why and how your data should be entered onto a single worksheet.

It will also teach you how to utilise multiple worksheets in your workbook to build a chronological flow into your data cleaning processes so you can detect when, how and where errors were introduced.

Everything is explained in simple language and is perfect for beginners.

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