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FREE Essentials of CAM using Fusion 360 course coupon

Learn computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) using Autodesk Fusion 360, a hybrid design and manufacturing environment.

Learn the essentials of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) using Autodesk Fusion 360, a hybrid design and manufacturing environment that harnesses the power of the cloud for collaboration. Now you can take advantage of an integrated design-to-manufacturing workflow for your milling machine projects. Whether you’re new to CAD or currently using parametric CAD software, you can import files across a variety of formats; that way, you can start using the CAM capabilities instantly.

By the end of this course, you will create a completely programmed part using Fusion 360 as your 3D CAD/CAM tool. Fusion 360 provides a powerful suite of CAM functionality that runs natively inside the Fusion environment, meaning the CAD design data is used in the same CAM environment. If design ever changes, your CAM data is connected and can be updated without leaving Fusion 360. All data is stored in the cloud, and can be accessed at any computer at any time. Best of all, Fusion 360 works both on a PC and MAC.

After completing this course, you will be able to:  

• Describe key concepts of CNC fabrication.

• Describe key components of the CAM workspace.

• Create a project for CAM tutorials.

• Create a setup in the CAM browser.

• Create operations like drilling, pockets, and slots.

• Simulate the toolpaths.

• Understand the CAM toolbar: Setup, 2D, 3D, drilling, turning, actions, inspect, manage, add-ins.

• Create and edit toolpaths.

• Understand the post-process and generate NC codes.

• Manage the data panel and project interface.

Contents and Overview 

This course contains six lessons introducing the essentials of Fusion 360 CAM through video based instruction and hands on skill building exercises. This course is designed for anyone, regardless of experience, interested in exploring the integrated CAM workspace in Fusion 360 to prepare their design for manufacturing. The skills taught in this course can be applied to any product design or part design.

This course starts with a course overview summarizing the course benefits. You also overview CAM functions in the Fusion 360 environment and learn how to navigate the CAM Toolbar functions, locate the setups and toolpaths in the CAM browser, and access the part files and projects used in the Data Panel.

The CAM setup lesson demonstrates how to define machining operations on the Setup tab, and define stock and dimensions in the Stock tab. You then apply those skills in a hands-on exercise using Fusion 360.

Selecting a tool for your operation and setting speed and feeds is essential. The drilling lesson explains how to set the type of drilling operation and set drilling parameters. Once you watch the video tutorials, you apply your skills to a hands-on exercises in which you create a spot drill operation.

Being efficient is key in any process. The dervived/duplicate operations lesson shows you how to reuse previously created operations for similar toolpaths. You will create a drill though operation and use the Dervived Toolpath function to create countersink toolpaths.

Last, being able to visually simulate a toolpath for errors saves hours of production time and money. The simulation lesson demonstrates how to visually 

verify toolpaths, check for collisions, and interpret the data using Fusion 360 simulation features.

At the end of the course, you will have the knowledge and skills to apply the Fusion 360 CAM features to a product design or part. You can also apply your knowledge of the manufacturing process to help inform your CAD design process so your model is ready to be made.

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FREE Essentials of CAM using Fusion 360 course coupon

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