Thursday, 29 June 2017

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The Subtle Uses of Just

We’re just about to leave. Would you like to come? We’re exploring the little word “just” and its subtle uses that carries a lot of weight to take you to the next level of fluency… if you use them.

Us native English speakers use the word “just” more than we even realize. That’s what I’ve noticed as I was preparing this course. I heard “just” EVERYWHERE. If you watch English TV, listen to podcasts, or music, you will start noticing this word. Learn how we use it, and then include it into your speaking.

This course includes:

– All of the on demand video lectures.

– PDF worksheet with all of the examples and explanations.

– Contact information for you to practice your examples and receive real feedback.

Who is recommended for this course:

– At least an intermediate-level English speaker or higher.

– A desire to increase fluency.

– A personality that’s not afraid to try new things.

Are you ready to take off with us? Just sign up for the course and begin! Talk to you soon.

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