Monday, 5 June 2017

FREE Bible: 5 Lessons From The Book Of 1 Peter + The Why.. course coupon

Bible Study of the letter 1st Peter and the lessons individuals can apply to their lives and get great results!

*** Would you like to gain a better understanding of the book of 1st Peter? ***

*** Would you like some new insights into this letter? ***

*** Do you think you need a new perspective and revelation to this book? ***


Here are just a few personal encouragement to be gained from this course:

1. Learning how to suffer by faith

2. Understanding the growth process as a Believer

3. Knowing how to live out your marriage

4. How to gain strength and grow in GOD

5. How to relate better with other Believers

6. How to keep the enemy in his place

7. How to wait on the LORD


Important information before you enrol:


All those who have used the messages from the letter of 1 Peter testify to tremendous power being made available to them during their time of engaging with the word. I am personally looking forward to your own life changing encounter too – GOD is no respecter of persons!


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FREE Bible: 5 Lessons From The Book Of 1 Peter + The Why.. course coupon

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