Tuesday, 11 July 2017

FREE Back to Work (B2W) Mom Career Strategy course coupon

The Six B2W Mom Career Strategies That Close the Resume Gap and Change the Job Interview Dialogue

My Story and Why This Class is For You

I have been working in the recruiting industry as an Executive Search Consultant and Career Coach since 2004, but in 2010 I signed a client that completely shook the foundations of my coaching business – a Back to Work (B2W) mom with a 17-year gap in employment.

My client, Marie, was going through a horrible divorce resulting in the family business going bankrupt. She had no income, spouse, or health insurance. Her child was about to enter college and she intimated during a coaching session that her self-esteem was in the gutter.

Marie had no idea where to start with her job search and honestly, neither did I.  How could we reasonably overcome a 17-year gap to achieve any type of meaningful job opportunity?

Before I started her job search campaign, she sent me her original resume – a jpeg snapshot of a resume from 1993. That was before MS Word 1995 and it seemed to be written before the dawn of time.

But guess what? Marie achieved a dream-fantasy job move despite her barriers to employment and that is not the best part… she was quickly earning her professional rate, as if she had never left the workforce.

So, what is the secret? Six simple B2W mom strategies that you are about to learn in this book.

I have been crushing with my B2W mom job candidates. Once you learn this strategy, you can too.

What You Will Be Able to Do After Reading This Book:

This book is a revised strategy specifically for my B2W mom job candidates that includes everything in my book Stacked: Double Your Job Interviews, Leverage Recruiters, Unlock LinkedIn but is uniquely tailored to B2W mom challenges.

The Stacked Strategy Teaches You How To:

The Class Includes:

This strategy is specifically for B2W moms that have:

This book is not written for the moms that went straight back to work after maternity leave.

These methods have facilitated thousands of career changes, and now you can use them too!

I look forward to giving you a plan to close the gap and change the dialogue to reach your career goals.


Dr. Karen Gurney

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Back to Work (B2W) Mom Career Strategy
Back to Work (B2W) Mom Career Strategy course coupon
Back to Work (B2W) Mom Career Strategy coupon
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FREE Back to Work (B2W) Mom Career Strategy course coupon

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