Sunday, 2 July 2017

FREE Advanced Option Trading Course course coupon

A fresh approach to options trading: Using technical analysis on the underlying symbol to enhance returns.

Jack Schwager: How were you able to make consistent gains trading options?

John Bender:To make money in options, you don’t need to know what the price of a stock is going to be; all you need to know is the probability distribution. If the Almighty came to me and said,”I won’t tell you where IBM is going to be 1 month from now, but you’ve been a pretty good boy, so I will give you the probability distribution”, I could do the math….

John Bender of Soros Fund Management & Quantum Fund from “Market Wizards” by Jack Schwager.

This course is about the options trading approach espoused by legendary money manager and “market wizard” John Bender. It was this system of trading that I used for the past 25 years -initially as a floor trader at the NY Board of Trade and now as a screen-based trader. This course, unlike most option trading courses on the internet ( which promotes premium selling and other financially dangerous practices),is prudent and has a long track record of generating alpha. It is for intermediate to advanced option traders who want to create trades with superior risk/reward profiles and for experienced  traders who would like to complement their existing trading businesses with a new alternative asset class. In these 6 lessons, you will learn the concept of expected returns, see various examples of backtesting and appreciate its importance in  generating option trading ideas. You will also specially appreciate the lesson on hidden “gotchas” inherent in some option systems commonly taught on the internet. At the end of this course, you will learn to generate trading ideas and structure option trades  to harness those ideas that are both financially rewarding and less risky- a truly unique approach to option trading.

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