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FREE The Complete MATLAB Training Bundle (5 courses) course coupon

Learn MATLAB Programming, App designing, Data Analysis and Data Structures

Basic Course Description

MATLAB (matrix laboratory) is a multi-paradigm numerical computing environment and fourth-generation programming language which is frequenlty being used by engineering and science students. This bundled course contains topics on MATLAB from basic MATLAB Programming to create apps and performing data analysis. There are five courses included in this bundle. Below is the information on each of these included courses.


Course 1: Complete MATLAB Tutoral: Go from Beginner to Pro

In this course, we will start learning MATLAB from a beginner level, and will gradually move into more technical and advnace topics. This course is designed to be general in scope which means that it will be beneficial to students in any major. Once, passed a certain learning thresholds, you will definately enjoy MATLAB Programming. The key benefit of MATLAB is that it makes the programming available to everyone and is very fast to turn ideas into working products compared to some of the conventional programming languages such as  Java, C, C++, visual basic and others.

Below is the detailed outline of this course.

Segment 1: Instructor and Course Introduction

Segment 2: Handling variables and Creating Scripts

Segment 3: Doing Basic Maths in MATLAB

Segment 4: Operations on Matrices

Segment 5: Advance Math Functions with Symbolic Data Type

Segment 6: Interacting with MATLAB and Graphics

Segment 7: Importing Data into MATLAB

Segment 8: MATLAB Programming

Segment 9: Sharing Your MATLAB Results


Course 2: Advance MATLAB Data Types and Data Structures

This course covers the key data types that essential for students to learn in order to take full advantage of the high level programming offered by MATLAB. These data types include Cells, tables, time tables, structures and Map containers. Once the students cover these topics, they can able to taking full advantage of MATLAB strengths in data analysis and programming.

In this course we not only cover these data Types but also demonstrates different functions and operation and their conversions to make analysis and programming a greater experience. As such the following are the outlines of the course.

Segment 1: Cell Data Type

Segment 2: Table Data Type

Segment 3: Time Table Data Type

Segment 4: Structures

Segment 5: Map Containers

Segment 6: Conversion between Different Data Types


Course 3: Create Apps in MATLAB Using GUIDE

This is a basic course on creating graphical user interfaces in Matlab with its utility called Guide. The course is designed so that a person with the basic knowledge of matlab is able to transform his code to a beautiful User Interface.

The motivation for the course, i.e., why should take it, is my observation that students and people put alot of effort in writing the code but little on its appearance. By learning this course, you will easily transform your code into a beautiful and well understood piece of software that the users will find useful to interact with. All you need is motivation to learn and basic understanding of matlab such as variables, matrices and others. The course contains 2-3 hours of recorded lectures. Every lecture contains a demonstration of the concepts.

The following is the outline of the course

Segment 1: Basics of the GUIDE

Segment 2: Linking the Code with GUI

Segment 3: Advance Techniques for GUIDE

Segment 4: Sample Projects with GUIDE

Segment 5: More Useful Tricks and Examples with GUIDE

What am I going to get from this course?

At the end of the course you be a confident user of the matlab utility called guide for making GUI for your programs.

You should be able to work with graphical user interface controls such as text boxes, buttons, check boxes and others to make gui for your code.


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The Complete MATLAB Training Bundle (5 courses)
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FREE The Complete MATLAB Training Bundle (5 courses) course coupon

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