Saturday, 5 August 2017

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Get from where you are to where you want to be

If you ever had any goals and dreams but in the process you just got lost you got to distracted, you lost your motivation or anything else happened and you stopped, this course is for you!

There’s so many resources out there that the deal with goal setting but so few people ever achieve their goals. Being one of those people for many years throughout my life i had enough and decided to change. I tried many different things some of them worked some of them didn’t but one solution stood the test of time, the one i present in this course. So, this course is not about setting goals it’s about achieving them.

In this course my goals is to walk you through 5 fundamental steps extracted from real life. My approach is to make you understand first what those 5 steps are and to apply the same real life principle in any project any goals you might have so that you will  actually achieve them.

Those 5 steps are :

1. Decide where you want to be(think of the end result)

2. Understand your current situation(know your current location)

3. Come up with a plan how to get there

4. Follow the plan(stay focused)

5. Refocus (get back on track every time you get lost)

I will update and perfect this course at least once a month,  as i will get feedback from you guys.

What is even better, i believe so much is this process and that it will work for you that i am willing to offer you money back guarantee, no question asked at any point in time. First 30 days full amount as this is mediated by Udemy and 50%(my cut) passed those initial 30 days as Udemy will stop refunding their cut but i won’t

The reason is simple: what i want this course to do for you will have to be a permanent change in your life, 30 days is not enough, so any time you feel i did not helped you ask for your money back and you will get it simple as that

Thank you

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