Thursday, 17 August 2017

FREE Getting Started in 2D Game Animation course coupon

Learn how to create 2D game animations with the free powerful character animation tool 2D Nima

Welcome to Getting Started in 2D Game Animation a course designed specifically for those new to animation and the powerful free 2D Character Animation Tool, Nima.

We designed this course to be as easy to understand for a beginner, while at the same time making it a no fluff, step by step course that you can start following and getting results right away.

In order to best help the students taking this course we created a Facebook Group/ Community for students to ask questions, share their results, and talk to other fellow users of Nima.

You’re first going to start off by learning about the home of Nima, www 2dimensions com, how the platform works, and what you need to do to quickly set up an account and get started. 

Included with this free course is a free downloadable – game ready character that was created in Photoshop, don’t worry though you are not required to know or own Photoshop to use the character. 

From there you will learn how to take your downloadable character and rig your character – that is – add bones to your character. 

Once the bones are connected or bound to the character we will start to animate the character. 

One of the most important animations we will start with – that is vital for all 2D game animations – is what’s called a walk cycle – a walk cycle is a simple looping animation of the character walking. 

Right now, for this course we will only focus on how to create the walk-cycle. In future courses we will focus on how to create a run animation, death animation, jump animation, and many more animations that you would typically see in a 2D game. From there we will take all those animations we created and make your first ever 2D game, using Unity.

I hope you enjoy this free course!

Best regards, 

McCoy Buck

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FREE Getting Started in 2D Game Animation course coupon

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