Saturday, 12 August 2017

FREE Entrepreneurship for Kids course coupon

Introduce your kid to a creative life of entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship for Kids course is designed to introduce children to entrepreneurship and show them how to turn their ideas into a business. In the beginning, we explain who are entrepreneurs and how they think of ideas. We review a few famous entrepreneurs and learn how they were able to be pioneers in their industry. After learning about entrepreneurs, we show children how all their favorite brands are businesses and the way they make money is by selling value through either a product or service. After deducting the costs to create value, all their favorite businesses are chasing after a profit. We show kids how to survive with competition and how to recognize ways to be competitive in a marketplace. Finally, children are shown how to reach out to customers with sales and marketing. At the end of the course, children can complete the Kid Business Model to apply what they learned from the course into their own business.

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FREE Entrepreneurship for Kids course coupon

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