Friday, 11 August 2017

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Improve Your Knowledge of English Grammar

Learn English grammar by going through many grammar tests with a native-English speaking instructor. Learn about common English mistakes and why they are made. Learn about what grammar mistakes you miss when you are checking your own grammar.

Get Much Better at Grammar by Going Over Lots of Grammar Tests

I designed this course to be very similar to what I cover in my English classes at my university in Canada. I know that students are really interested in what mistakes they have made on English tests. When I hand back tests in my classes, I always get many questions from students about what is wrong and why it is wrong. These explanations have a huge impact on helping students understand grammar and improve for next time. In this course you can benefit from a variety of test with many different grammar mistakes to find and fix. If you find and fix mistakes then your grammar knowledge is better. If you miss some and then I explain them to you, you will be better for next time.

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